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Elan's Philosophy

Why did Elan become a Real Estate Agent?

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Before becoming a Real Estate Agent, Elan wanted to purchase a house and was introduced to many Realtors in Toronto. He found that many were more interested in their own agenda, rather than taking care of his needs. The agents didn't return phone calls or didn't want to work past 8pm. Some Realtors even expected Elan to buy a property after he saw only two different places!

Similarly, Elan observed many Realtors sell a property by simply putting a For Sale sign in the ground. There was no marketing strategy and no deliberate actions to ensure the property sells for the highest possible price.

Elan was surprised (and disappointed) at the lack of client service and decided to enter the field to create a 'niche' by applying a relentless focus on client service to his practice.

What is Elan's philosophy of Real Estate?

Elan believes in old-fashioned client-service. That means that Elan provides his cellphone number to clients, promptly returns messages, accepts calls on weekends and evenings (up to midnight!), is willing to show buyers five, ten, twenty homes (or more) until the Buyer finds his/her dream home and gladly offers Sellers a Guarantee, allowing them to cancel a listing anytime if a marketing plan is not executed properly.

Elan also believes the only way to build a successful practice is through referrals. That means that he delivers outstanding client service to every client on every transaction. ELAN GUARANTEES HIS SERVICE TO BUYERS AND SELLERS.

Why is Elan a different kind of Realtor?

Elan understands that Home Buyers and Sellers can choose among the thousands of Real Estate Agents that are registered with The Toronto Real Estate Board.
He recognizes that Buyers and Sellers have a lot of choice - so he doesn't take business for granted. He earns it by working hard and delivering on his promises.

So why do clients select Elan to represent them?

Although Elan is an experienced marketer, he believes the best way to attract clients is through referrals. Therefore, to ensure every client loves him (and refers new clients), he works harder than any agent in the city.  Please contact Elan for a list of client referrals.